Please note: This schedule is subject to change at anytime, but provides a general framework of Where I am doing What and When. Up-to-the-Minute information will appear in the blog-feed on the Home page, or on Twitter @chibotaichi, so be sure to check those if you’re so inclined.


MON. (am to pm)-

  • 9:30 LA Yoga at St. Louis Park
  • 11:00 LA Yoga at Richfield

TUES. (am to pm)-

WED. (am to pm)- 

9:30 TaiChi at Shoreview Community Center 

THURS. (am to pm)-

FRI. (am to pm)-

  • 10:30 Lifetime TaiChi at Fridley

SAT. (am to pm)- 

SUN.(am to pm)-

5:45 TaiChi at Shoreview Community Center 

Feel free to attend any of these classes, but be aware that you do so under the terms and conditions of the hosting organizations. Depending on the location, you may be required to: meet with a membership rep, sign a waiver, pay a drop-in fee, etc.

If you prefer to not visit any of these facilities, please see the Instruction page to set up a session in your home or another location.

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