What is TaiChi

TaiChi is a description of the Duality or Polarity which pervades our experience of Reality, and, according to Taoist philosophy, is the actual foundation of Reality.

The term TaiChi can be translated as “Great Pole”, Grand Polarity”, “Ultimate Duality”, “Supreme Extremes”. Another way to describe TaiChi is the term YinYang. YinYang and TaiChi are synonymous, and generally interchangeable, terms describing the polarized nature of the universe.

Hot and Cold, Fast and Slow, Up and Down… These pairings are all expression of TaiChi. Yang and Yin necessarily coexist, and are inextricably connected because all apparent-opposites require a direct relationship. Hot and Cold are both Temperature. Fast and Slow are both Speed. Up and Down are both Vertical. TaiChi is a term which describes Both-ness.

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