Why Astrology?

Astrology, like so many other esoteric or “woo” traditions, has been oft-maligned and yet persists or even flourishes to this very day. The “realness” (or “falsity”) of Astrology not withstanding, clearly there is something of utility if this information continues to find its voice through generations. The debate about the possible authentic impact of planetary bodies on the Human experience is a fun and worthwhile endeavor, but let’s set that argument aside and look at a definition of Astrology through a very literal lens.

Astro- relating to the stars, to planets, that which exists beyond the Earth.

Logos- an ordering principle, making sense, or the grounds for deriving Meaning.

In this more literal rendering, we can comfortably approach Astrology as a tool for sense-making, for ascribing a sense of meaning, whether a priori or a posteriori, whether causal or merely correlative, built on the tradition of the Zodiac. I’m fond of flipping the burden on the skeptic. It does not interest me if planets are actually affecting our lives. I am far more curious to find out if YOU are capable of utilizing any of the various frameworks of Astrology. I’m not here to assert that Mars caused you to quit your job. I’m just here noting that the day you decided to quit your job Mars was in its retrograde phase and interacting with your natal chart in a very specific-to-you manner, and that this factual correlation is something I find to be fascinating!

By design, I approach Astrology with very little dogma or loyalty to any lineage. I am not here to tell you the meaning of anything, or to give you profound life-advice (unless it’s really warranted!). My only objective is to equip you with the language of Astrology so that you might be able to apply its wisdom in whatever way makes it most functional and applicable to your own life and worldview. At the very least, Astrology is a powerful tool for self-reflection and inquiry, providing a well-defined structure with which we can enrich our experience and derive a sense of order in an often very chaotic world.

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