My Tai Chi journey might begin longer ago than I can remember, but it came into clear focus at the beginning of 2005. The course “Health 1160-10: Theory and Practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan” fulfilled the credit requirements for an associate’s degree at Normandale College in Bloomington, MN and I was registered for the Spring semester. By the end of that term, I was a full-blown disciple of Tai Chi under the tutelage of Dr. Russell Smiley, PhD. The ensuing years would see additional study with other teachers from other styles, most notably both Chen Family and Chen style lineages, but inclusive of my various Qigong studies as well, my primary lineage is technically that of Smiley Style Tai Chi.

My Yoga Sadhana is similarly liable to be longer-standing than I can really comprehend, but it too found a formal commencement in 2005. In the Fall semester of 2005, I was enrolled in Fitness Yoga through the Exercise Science program at Normandale College. The value of physical Yogasana practice was made astonishingly clear to me, and I would quickly establish a dedication to the postures and movements. This dedication soon spawned into ventures along other paths of Yoga, most notably the Bhakti tradition wherein the practice of call-and-response chanting (Kirtan) continues to be especially key in my own spiritual development.

My study and practice of Astrology, a primarily self-directed endeavor, likewise began in 2005 though along the way I have been particularly influenced by the works of Dane Rudhyar. In general I have an appreciation for a First-Principles approach to complex subjects, Astrology included. While debates, and dogma, dredge onward regarding which Zodiacal system (Tropical vs Sidereal) is better, I prefer to focus on the internal-coherence of Astrological concepts and measurements which render the potential variability of Zodiacal framework a modest formality rather than an earth-shaking truth. As such, it is possible to reach far-and-wide enough to encounter and explore all dimensions of our being, from the most minutely-Material (the downright molecular) to the radically Spiritual (supertranscendantally speaking).

In the wake of being “initiated” into these disciplines, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, while also pursuing degrees in cultural studies, writing studies, and family social science. These courses also added important avenues for my burgeoning explorations of TaiChi, Yoga, and Astrology. Throughout my stint at university I continued to see how all arenas of life are intertwined and interrelated. In particular, courses on linguistics, artificial intelligence, hip hop poetry, and journalism/documentary were decidedly informative.

All of these tributaries of wisdom and knowledge came into my life in a profound surge, and they have all been cultivated side by side by side, each deeply informing the others.
The intellectual rigor, and raw trial-and-error, which I have personally logged and invested for more than 15 years is available and at your service. Whatever goals you may seek to achieve, or exploration you wish to engage, I’m glad to guide you toward the most authentic solutions for your personal development and well-being.

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