Why Asana?

Asana is the aspect of yoga which encourages the development of a “steady comfortable posture.”

The physical part of yoga is very clearly expressed in this aspect. Posture implies our physical structure, but also implies our capacity to be aware of it and to influence it.

While many of the more impressive postures and sequences do require great strength and flexibility and focus, these very qualities are cultivated in the more simple postures.

The Basics are always important.

If we hope to achieve or accomplish a physical Practice full of flourish and grace and power and strength, we must be willing to find the true Asana in the simple postures.

To Stand.

Just this.

Steady, and unmoved by the “modifications of the MindStuff.”

Comfortable, at ease and not striving to Be, simply allowing for it.

Discover the joy in the simple postures. Steady and Comfortable can come off of the mat with you. Relax. Often.

If you value the ability to demonstrate or conquer the more complex physical postures, then Practice is exactly what it takes and there will be times when great effort may be necessary.

Diligent, dutiful Hard Work with the physical Practice is precisely what many of the people who seem to do yoga with ease have experienced.

Yet, it must be remembered that those specific postures are not the primary goal. They are roadside attractions. The hard work of the physical practice is not the true aim either; merely the road.

The destination, the aim of Asana; is to find a feeling of Ease and Stability, wherever we decide to go.

Even with simple postures we can promote skillful communication between the Mind and Body. This is the core of the physical skill of Yoga.

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