Zhan Zhuang


This illustration shows the vertical nature of the body in Zhan Zhuang practice.

Other variations of the posture will have more or less bend at the knees, but the overall alignment is the same.

Without adding effort or tension to the body, the vertical alignment is created and maintained so that the posture becomes efficient and comfortable.

-Comfortably-spaced feet (Parallel)

-Knees bent and relaxed

-Hips free, to allow articulation of the Pelvis

-Tailbone tucked and/or aligned with the thighs (keep the Pelvis level)

-Lower Belly relaxed and expanded (keep the Pelvis level)

-Spine straight (NOT the natural curve of the Spine)

-Shoulders neutral (allow the Arms to lower the Shoulders)

-Chest relaxed (as if resting against the Spine)

-Crown lifted, Chin released (lengthen and straighten the back of the neck)

-Tongue-Tip toward the roof of the Mouth 

-Eyes relaxed or closed

Remember that the goal is to have Gravity be the source of the Standing. Allow the Body to be heavy down below and light up top.

The TaiChi principle is YinYang. By going Down, we are able to be Up!

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