A Tai Chi Glossary

Wu Ji (Wu Chi): Without Ridgepole/No Polarity/Boundless
Tai Ji (T’ai Chi): Great Ridgepole/Grand Polarity/Yin-Yang
Yin: Feminine Principle, Cold, Dark, Earth
Yang: Masculine Principle, Hot, Light, Sky
Qi (Ch’i, Chee, Chi): Energy/Breath/Force
Qigong (Chee Kung, Ch’i Kung): Energy Cultivation
Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Ch’uan): Grand Polarity Fist
5 Major Styles of Taijiquan: Chen/Yang/Wu/Hao/Sun
Dan Tien: Energy Center/Elixir Field
Meridian: Pathway for Qi/Acupuncture Lines
Yi: Intent/Focus
Song: Relax/Open
Peng: Open/Expand/Full
Zhan Zhuang: Post Standing
Tui Shou/San Shou: Push Hands/Sparring

This non-definitive list of important TaiChi concepts and translations can help us recognize and understand the route a simple philosophy travels to become useful in different circumstances. The TaiJi Principle shows up, naturally, according to the manner which we choose to make use of it. The same dynamic of Yin and Yang allows us to cause great damage, as well as great healing. TaiChi is useful in both Martial Arts and Medicine.

Once we have understood Qi, our Practice is super-charged, regardless of where we seek to apply the knowledge and skills. The fast-track to cultivating and experiencing Qi is Stillness. Indeed, from the TaiChi principle it can be realized that the Movements lack meaning unless there is mastery of Stillness.

Every time we allow Wuji, we are arriving at The Well of Taiji wisdom. Anything that happens after Wuji is normal. It is all Taiji out there in the World. TaiChi is the very mundane matrix we experience day after day. Liberation from that is only possible by side-stepping into Wuji. Anything else is merely being caught in the tides. To know the nature of The Flow and to be caught up in It are different affairs.

Pay Attention. Stillness has the answers.

Return to The Well again and again. Each time it will offer something novel, but each time it will seek to remind you of what you already know. Return to The Well. Return to Wuji. Return to the state of remembering.

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