That’s TaiChi

Simply stated, TaiChi is the deeply pervasive principle of our Reality which we call Relativity. YinYang is another way to refer to this Relativity. TaiChi is everywhere we could bother to look, and is even operating at the level of our very capacity for looking in the first place.

The more we try to apply YinYang as a method for defining our experience, the more we lose our grasp on the true reality of our experience. Everytime we try to pin down reality into a fixed-state or description, TaiChi functions to flip the script. Yin begets Yang, begets Yin again. TaiChi is present in the very process of reality unfolding.

YinYang hiding within itself, suggests the Tao Te Ching. No thing is merely as it seems, in Truth. Quality and Function are in a polarized mutuality. To be diametrically-opposed is to be inextricably linked.

That’s TaiChi, too.

1 thought on “That’s TaiChi

  1. Hello Richard

    It is good to see that you are still engaging us with your Tai Chi thoughts and wisdom. I can’t say that I am good at sustaining a philosophical conversation, but I enjoy reading and thinking about your stimulating thought.

    I hope you received some interesting feed back. For me, I am thinking that Relativity is based on one’s reality. One’s reality is based on a few things, knowledge, experience, belief, the ability of rational processing, and one’s ability to accept change – or not. Just to name a few criteria. So people experience yin Yang daily without even knowing or thinking about it. Everyday is different, in a constant flux.

    So one’s reality will be in constant flux to maintain balance. Their balance will be in constant flux because, their reality is constantly changing, as in Tai chi. (Even thought though there is consistency in Tai chi.) As we all know, the more one practices, the more experience and knowledge they gain. Being so, their beliefs change due to the experiences, knowledge and processing. Acceptance – or not, brings in their new reality.

    So, the way I see it, relativity would be based on an individual’s on perception of what their reality is. Which means, relativity for individuals depends on how they perceive reality.

    Not sure if my explanation is on point, but I gave it a shot. Knowing that my thoughts/reality will change as soon as I send this email, lol 🥸.

    Thanks for starting the conversation! Carl ☯️

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