That’s TaiChi

Simply stated, TaiChi is the deeply pervasive principle of our Reality which we call Relativity. YinYang is another way to refer to this Relativity. TaiChi is everywhere we could bother to look, and is even operating at the level of our very capacity for looking in the first place.

The more we try to apply YinYang as a method for defining our experience, the more we lose our grasp on the true reality of our experience. Everytime we try to pin down reality into a fixed-state or description, TaiChi functions to flip the script. Yin begets Yang, begets Yin again. TaiChi is present in the very process of reality unfolding.

YinYang hiding within itself, suggests the Tao Te Ching. No thing is merely as it seems, in Truth. Quality and Function are in a polarized mutuality. To be diametrically-opposed is to be inextricably linked.

That’s TaiChi, too.

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