Did Someone Whisper, “Spring…” ?

Feeling stuck lately?

Shelter from the Radical Freedom of outside World. An amphibious experience in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota. Shelter from the Radical Freedom of the Outside World. An amphibious experience in the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota. My photo from 2013.

In the upper midwest, we endure decidedly harsh Winters. Cold temps can keep a lot of us indoors almost completely.

Springtime always begins as the most subtle sensation of Sunlight seeking Soil underneath mounds of snow and sheets of ice. The Wintertime Blues makes most of us a little bit moody, or melancholy somehow.

Months away from the radiant Yang energy of the Sun; and Seasonal Affective Disorder can settle in. Whether or not naming it makes it a real thing, or not, is irrelevant really. Truth is, a great many animals in this Kingdom seek shelter and rest during this daunting season.

Humans, too, would benefit from at least partial Hibernation, in some form or an other. Pushing onward at the pace of Humanity instead of Nature is somewhat against the grain of Human Nature.

For many of us the Facts just add up; We feel the dreariness and fatigue of fighting off frigid below-zero blasts of Arctic Wind and the drawn out Darkness; Dawn and Dusk just a blink of an eye.


as the Globe turns us back toward the Sun’s embrace slowly we can sense the tingling and teeming of Life stirring all about. From dens and hideaways, little faces emerge, out to explore and maybe forecast the coming conditions.


The Self who understands the Cycle of Seasons sees the Movements, and so an Inherent excitement arises. The gathering of little bubbles dancing on the bottom of the pot before the boil; a quiet steady tremble, tickling the soil.

Soon the buds will burst forth, blades of grass will regain their healthy Green glow, giving our feet luxurious lawns to laugh across, or where we can lay down to look up for a While; and fields for the Fellowships of birds, flowers and yes, even the flies and bugs that feed upon us. We just tune into the increasing energy;

but stay grounded and steady too. Spring Cleaning is that Time to take one last inventory before sorting out the storage.

Letting Go or Leaving; or, What’ll be receiving Your focus and intention in the next moving-this-direction?

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