An Apple A Day (Or, What Did You Do To Promote Your Own Wellness Today)

I visited with a chiropractor today and we discussed a great many things, but what stuck out the most was a simple distinction between two modes of action.

Many of us operate from a Reactive mindset. If there is an ache, we take a pill. We are always responding to circumstances.

What is lacking for the majority of the population is the Proactive attitude. Rather than merely responding to circumstances, how can we create them?

Even small and seemingly inconsequential habits have a dramatic impact on our overall condition.

When our habits are not Wellness promoting, we slowly (or rapidly) fall out of balance.

When our habits are healthful, we often don’t feel drastically different, which makes it hard to stay on track. There is no spectacle, parade, or festival.

When it comes to the Human Body however, No News is often Good News.

All the effort that goes into maintenance and upkeep can feel like a wash, and it is still no guarantee that things won’t break down, but when we are Proactive about well-being we find that the Reactive tactics become less necessary.

And although it may not feel like much, the little steps we do take often mean much more than we realize.

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