Autumn Air Again

Autumn Leaves Arrive

Then are quickly off Again

Crunching underfoot

IMG_3224 The Autumn Equinox approaching means Trees begin to lose their Leaves. My photo, taken at Lone Lake Park in Minnetonka, MN on Sept. 21 2014.

Autumn has returned, and the Earth’s turning and tilting allows us some time to prepare for the trip into Yin; The Winter- with her evening darkness extending into the afternoon.

Luckily there is still some Time. The Golden glow of sunlight on these opening days of October offer the opportunity to make preparations for the Winter.

For me, there is much Summer clutter to rediscover and remove. Saving stuff is really only worth the trouble if you will be able to find it. Downsizing and paring away the extraneous or erroneous aspects of our Existence is an excellent way to stay in the Flow of the Seasons.

Don’t be afraid to slow down. Hibernation will soon be the hottest craze in Mother Nature’s chilly spaces.

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