Nurture Your Nature

This is the principle I strive to convey in the class setting. 

The Listening skill, being able to understand the Language of the Body, is the only way we can stay up to date with what we need in our Practice.

The changing factors of our World impact us all in different ways. A hot summer day is the right time to play; fun in the sun, for some of us. Some of us find that a hot day is an indoor-holiday, or sends us looking for shade!

The literal fact of the “Matter” of each individual Body suggests certain responses to various stimuli.

Heat can feel refreshing and energizing to some, and oppressive and exhausting to others. 

Likewise, it is, with the many manifestations of Asana Yoga. Let each session on the mat reflect what your Body is needing in that moment. 

Cherry-pick the nine postures you truly need and use them to the fullest. Take Time to hone and stregnthen your Nature, but be sure to grow with Balance and Grace. 

Take the Time to reveal your limits to yourself. Know where the line is without attatchment to the implications of what that means. It means nothing until you give it meaning. 

If a pose happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. This instance has no bearing on tomorrow’s attempt until you define that influence. 

Try it once more quick just in case, then try again tomorrow. Modify the pose and take a stepping-stone toward the pose if you want to make it happen.

Or let go of the notion and work on what you do want to make happen. 

Choice is there.

Knowing your Doshas can help support your efforts on the mat. Knowing your unique constitution, or Prakrti, brings valuable depth to your Practice.

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