The Path of The Circles

Here we can see, side by side, the path of the two circles.

On the left, the Negative Circle is drawing in from the top and contacting the Center above the “Horizon”, as shown with the red dot.

On the right, the Positive Circle is drawing in from the bottom and contacting the Center below the “Horizon”, as shown with the blue dot.

Also, we can see an exaggerated expression of the forearm which remains level with, or parallel to, the “Horizon”, as shown with the green line.


Though we sometimes engage with these paths as independent, it is worth remembering that the Energy which ultimately propels them works on a vertical axis. Yin-Energy rises up from the Earth, while Yang-Energy descends from the Sky.

It may be fair to assert that the Positive Circle is generated with Yin-Energy (thus the blue dot is raising the green line), but reconciles in Yang-Energy (thus the blue dot later exerts downward on the green line).

Conversely, the Negative Circle is generated with Yang-Energy (thus the red dot presses the green line down), but reconciles in Yin-Energy (thus the red dot eventually lifts the green line upward).

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