TaiChi Rhythm: What plus When

Taiji movement, taken as a whole, is polyrhythmic.

The rhythms are synchronized, but unique.

At slow rates of practice this is made apparent, but at a moderate pace it becomes difficult to detect.

This is why imitated TaiChi looks and feels clumsy.

The Hands, Feet, Waist and other Body parts all tend to their specific tasks in their own rhythm similar to the dance of the planets in our Solar System.

Each planet completes a rotation on its axis at a unique rate, creating immensely long days and nights on larger planets but quick periods of day and night on the smaller planets.

Each planet revolves around the Sun on an individualized orbit, completing the journey without requiring the other planets to wait, nor asking other planets to catch up.

Our Body can operate in a similar manner.

When each part is free, or encouraged, to perform its function independently then the true Dance of TaiChi can play out.

The relationship of specific unique rhythms and movements creates the overall Body-actions we think of as TaiChi.

It’s not just What we are doing, but also When we are doing it!

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