WuJi Wednesday

The infinite manifestation of Things can all be reduced via YinYang,
yet YinYang cannot be reduced.

It can be dissolved, perhaps, but not reduced.
In this way, Wuji (No-Polarity) is not a true reduction; it is a sublimation.

Oneness already contains YinYang as the polarity of Existence/NonExistence;

To-Be or Not To-Be.

Furthermore, once there is Some-Thing, it can be divided.
Only NoThing cannot be divided.

WuJi is Indivisible.
It is like the Origin of Things, not unlike an Uncaused-Cause.

YinYang arises from It, which blossoms into all manner of complexity (Entropy),
yet all of That can be reduced by YinYang.

The Universe is complex, yet simple; simple, yet profound.

WuJi is Nothing; Zero.
Yet Everything blossoms from it.

If you aim to understand TaiJi (Great-Polarity), you must aspire towards WuJi.

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