The Important Information is Inside

TaiChi sequences are designed to develop an internal, and self-referential, compass. Too often we practice with our eyes looking outward, using external references to orient our Body and Mind in Space.

It is not wrong to utilize external objects, such as a clock or window, to help make sense of our Movement. However, it is incorrect to rely on such external objects.

The window (or whatever external-referent you have) can help you be sure you are facing the correct direction but it is critical that you have an internal experience or understanding of how you arrived there; what it means to have turned 90 or 45 or however-many degrees in order to face the external object.

What you can see in front of you should never change your internal-understanding of Left and Right, Front and Back, etc.

TaiChi sequences begin from Stillness- a static and centered position, so that every Movement can be understood in reference to the initial position. If your attention and Awareness are not drawn inward and centered both physically and cognitively at the beginning, then every Movement you make is lacking it’s full meaning.

Every single step occurs with the context of the starting position at heart. If your full Awareness is present before you commence the sequence, you can understand all the positions and postures with much more depth.

When your primary point of reference is yourself it doesn’t matter where you are or what is happening around you, Left is still Left, Front is still Front, and there is no need to hesitate or measure.

When TaiChi is leading you toward Internal Awareness, you begin to move completely Free.

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