Is Yoga a Religion?

Yoga is NOT a religion.

Religion is a Yoga!

Yoga means to join, to connect, or unify.

The term “Yoga” can be used to describe this connection, as well as to describe the methods for achieving it.

In a secular sense, this might mean connection between the Mind and Body through physical postures and disciplined breath. The connected state of “Yoga” is achieved through the practice of (Hatha) Yoga.

In a religious sense, Yoga is a connection to God or something of a Divine Nature.

The studying or recitation of Scripture can cultivate such a connection.

Prayer is a method for achieving the connection.

All religious practice, strictly speaking, is either Yoga or merely empty ritual.

The major Religions of the World are all systems of Yoga.

All of them can be used to achieve a state of Yoga.

The word Yoga describes both the method and the result.

Anyone who authentically practices a Religion is already a Yogi.

Anyone who seeks connection or wholeness, even an Atheist, is already a Yogi.

Practice YOUR Yoga.

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