As much as anything, Taijiquan is about the transfer of Power. To generate and deliver Power is a matter of proper sequencing. Developing precision and consistency of sequence is important in Taijiquan and also imperative to Golf.

The sequence of Taijiquan movement is virtually identical to the sequence of a golf-swing.

If you follow along with the video, you can see the process of Taijiquan at work: 1. Centered Posture (Wuji). 2. Empty-Step (Taiji). 3. Shift Weight (Hunyuan). 4. Turn Waist (Hunyuan). 5. Release Hands (Fajin). 6. Follow-Step (Taiji). 7. Stillness (Wuji).

These stages can be articulated in various ways, and as is common with Motion, not all stages are best understood or expressed as static frames.

Taijiquan, like a golf-swing and other phenomena, is fundamentally a description or utilization of a Process. When the sequence of any Process is clear, it can be more readily harnessed.

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