Yoga is a non-Doing

What is Yoga?

The very Existence of the Mind and Body is a manifestation of Yoga.

Before there was Jon Doe, there was Yoga.

What is happening just below the surface of your Awareness? What do you see when you peek beneath your sense of “I” or “Me”? Yoga is what we find there. The True Self (Atman) is this Yoga. You Are It.


The Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga helps us to See this Yoga.

As we become more skillful at achieving Stillness, as we develop the skill of non-Doing, we can more clearly See this Yoga both on and off the mat.

Relax is an Active.

Relax does not mean turn off your Body. Most People do not want that!

Relax means to not strain. Continue to do whatever you intend to do, but don’t create fake work. If Work is required, we do it, but we keep it in perspective. If you hope to do a handstand, hard work may be required, but there is no need to rush or run yourself ragged. Do a little bit Today, and try again tomorrow too.

and Remember, even at Rest, there is much going on. The Body is always working. In Yoga Practice we are learning to let the Body do its work, and to help it run efficiently throughout all of our various activities.

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